American Rackets Movie
In 1978, Rocco "Rocky" Napoli takes control of the family's gambling business from father James "Jimmy Nap" Napoli. Jimmy Nap ran the largest numbers operation in the country for over thirty years. Members of the Genovese crime family, both were arrested in 1988 for the alleged murder plot of Jon Gotti and brother Gene.

Director: Josh Webber 
Writer: Joey Napoli
Stars: Robert Costanzo, Leo Rossi, James Quattrochi
Dear Frank
After Frank's wife is mysteriously poisoned, he discovers a diary with indicating all of her previous lovers who also are potential murder suspects.

Directors: Josh Webber, Brian White (co-director)
Writer: Luis F. Montalvo
Stars: Brian White, Claudia Jordan, Columbus Short
Never Heard
Aaron Davis is accused of murder and incarcerated for a crime he swears that he did not commit. His son Jalen is forced to grow up on the streets of Los Angeles without the guidance of a father and primarily raised by his mother Shala and Grandmother Camilla. 

Director: Josh Webber
Writers: Tamera Hill, Michael Girgenti 
Stars: David Banner, Robin Givens, Romeo Miller
Secrets of Deception Movie poster
After a man discovers his young wife is cheating on him with a neighborhood boy, he goes down a dangerous path of revenge & destruction.

Director: Josh Webber
Writers: Josh Webber 
Stars: Chris Degner, Tom Sizemore, Sydney Black
There Is Many Like Us
In 1943, Max Fronenberg spent one year digging a secret underground tunnel to escape out of a prison camp in Warsaw, Poland during the Holocaust while saving fifteen other prisoners in the process and forced to leave behind the love of his life, Rena, in the prison.

Director: Josh Webber
Writers: Josh Webber, Zachary Scott 
Stars: Eric Roberts, Tyler Mauro, Kayleigh Gilbert
Newark Ave.
On March 30th, 1981 two undercover FBI agents mysteriously disappeared while surveying organized crime figures in north New Jersey. The FBI denies their involvement in any such case. On May 28th, 2013 a video surfaced on the internet. The footage documents the final hours of the two FBI agents and confirms the FBI'S involvement in the case.

Directors: Josh Webber, Joey Napoli (co-director)
Writer: Joey Napoli
Stars: Joey Napoli, Davee Youngblood, Jamie Rash
A Broken Code
Two brothers Carmelo and Gino (Girgenti and Webber) are raised by their mob boss grandfather Salvatore Gianni (Williams). Through a series of events Salvatore is killed and the boys then go on a journey to find the killers. No one is ruled out as a suspect, including one of the brothers. How will the truth unfold?

Directors: Josh Webber, Michael Girgenti (co-director)
Writers: Michael Girgenti, Michael Girgenti 
Stars: Michael Girgenti, Josh Webber, Bill T. Williams
Batter Up Movie
This true short film tells the story of a heroic act of sportsmanship and heroism between opposing teams during a Girls Softball Conference Championship Game. Gabi Reynolds never hit a home run through out her career as a high school softball player. 

Director: Josh Webber 
Writers: Emily Feist, Josh Webber
Stars: Victoria Guthrie, John Antorino, Amanda Boyd
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